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'La Sagra della Crema': Tiramisù in Treviso

Meet our good friend Alessandro, a master of tiramisù.

Alessandro lives in San Vendemiano, a small town not far from Treviso in Northern Italy, where tiramisù was originally named. In Trevigiano dialect, tiramisù literally translated means "pick me up", tireme-su.

'La sagra della crema' - the celebration of 'crema' - in this case, mascarpone cream.

Florid descriptions of late-night brothels and weary husbands needing a "pick me up" leave us uneasy with the dubious origin of this quintessential Italian dessert. Some speak of Alle Beccherie restaurant in the 60s, however, no one can deny the power of coffee, cocoa and mascarpone in a spoon, leaving the rest to one's imagination...

The ancient city of Treviso.

Treviso is a soulful hub of Italy's northern Veneto provinces, rich in commerce and history, and to date, one of Italy's wealthiest regions in terms of entrepreneurial family businesses. Benetton, Zanussi, Sisley and Geox originate here but one's mind seldom turns to business ambling under the lofty porticoes lining Treviso's narrow streets. A grand piazza, the odd lazy canal, and an intricate one-way system squeeze between medieval city walls, making Treviso a gem to visit. (#visittreviso #tiramisu #piazzadeisignori #treviso)


Rustic osterie with bare wooden tables and simple tiled floors, stone walls and wine by the litre, jostle between gin bars of glam, glass-clad interiors around the central fish market in the old part of town. (#osteria #trevisomercatodipesche)

It's all old, it's all gorgeous, make a stop the next time you fly into Treviso airport on your way to big sister Venice; leave your car outside the city walls (where parking costs less and is easier to find) and skip from one merry establishment to the next, drinking in the atmosphere of each unique ambiance. We love exploring an area without an agenda to get a feel for it, following our noses or ears. Wander the back streets of Pizza Signori, snacking as you go on wooden boards (taglieri) of local cheeses and cured meats (affetati) or delicate tramezzini sandwiches of perfectly paired fillings. Take your time to enjoy the variety of this small but characteristic city and you'll never look back.

Treviso travel tips.

A sprawling morning market takes over parts of Treviso every Tuesday and Saturday. Locals shop here and you'll see why: it's huge and incredibly varied, a wonderful place to soak up true Trevigiano lifestyle. Start at Porta San Tomaso but get there early and give yourself lots of time to enjoy a cappuccino and brioche for breakfast, before everything gets packed away at midday (mezzogiorno).

Treviso hosts regularly updated art exhibitions in galleries dotted throughout the city, be sure to check what is on when you visit:

(#casadeicarraresi #museicivicitreviso)

From September, the enchanting winter vegetable Radicchio di Treviso, is on the menu. Unique to Treviso, find it raw in salads and cooked on pizza or in risotto. Pair with gorgonzola, sausage or walnut. (#risottoconradicchio #radicchioditreviso)

Treviso has too many lovely eateries and bars to mention. You can discover them by exploring the tiny streets around Piazza Signori and il Mercato di Pesce. Remember to order an authentic Aperol Spritz on your way or a glass of local prosecco.


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