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Proudly Italian

Our story originates in a kitchen near Venice. Nonna Lili dries her hands on her apron and says, " E' pronto!" It's ready!

Many claim her lasagne are the best they've ever tasted as her five granddaughters gather around the kitchen table with grandparents, aunts and uncles for delicious dishes she makes with love and pride.

In Italy, food is a celebration of tastes, seasons, events or simply being together. We bring this to your table, from our kitchen.


"Mangia mangia!" says Nonna Lili, pushing a plate towards us. Eat, eat! 


Our Italian kitchen

Italian children cook from a young age, food is a family thing. MangiaMangia is a culmination of our Italian travels, recipes handed down, Francesco's meticulous passion for food and combined family efforts in the kitchen.


We love what we do and hope you can taste it.

Italian nonna with lasagna


Nonna Lili


“Thank you so much for our delivery. It was fab. We loved the carton lasagne came in, was it biodegradable? - great idea. The desserts were stand out. I don't normally have tiramisu, however we were fighting over the spoon!!! We love garlic and the breads were perfect for us.


“As a lover of Italian food this was truly a gastronomic feast that transported me to the beautiful, sunny, warm olive trees of Italy and the friendly, welcoming ristorantes that provide home-cooked pasta dishes with recipes that are passed down from generation-to-generation.”


“I honestly felt like I could taste the love in the cooking.”

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